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Da série "Esta notícia tem o rosto do Eng.º Sócrates" [10]

[Steven Pearlstein, 6 Maio 09]

Sitting in his office last week, José Sócrates, the prime minister of Portugal, joked as he recalled the day last September when he first learned about "this thing they call a subprime loan." As head of this country's nominally socialist party, Sócrates spent the previous four years reducing the size of Portugal's government, taming its runaway budget deficit, challenging labor unions and deregulating its markets. And what is his reward? An economic crisis that has once again put the country in a fiscal bind and boosted the polling numbers of Portugal's Communist Party.


Here in Portugal, for example, huge teacher demonstrations recently shut down the capital but failed to derail Sócrates's plan to require annual evaluations of instructors in a public school system that has some of the highest costs, and lowest test results, in Europe.


And Americans would do well to consider Portugal's plan to put its Social Security on a more sustainable footing by linking the retirement age to life expectancy while still giving people the choice to retire at 65 with slightly lower benefits.


Back in the days of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, there was a lot of loose talk about a "third way" that would combine the best features of Anglo-American capitalism with the social and economic safety net prevalent in Europe. If Portugal is any indication, Europe has been moving in fits and starts toward market capitalism ever since. Now that Barack Obama has become the most popular politician in Europe and his administration back home is intent on increasing the profile of a more-competent government in the workings of the American economy, a convergence seems possible once again.

[versão do Jornal de Negócios]

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Caty Waves disse...

JÁ VENCEMOS UMA CRISE E VAMOS VENCER OUTRA! confio sempre em quem faz melhor que os anteriores

Anónimo disse...

é impressão minha ou o indice do situacionismo vai até à TV

será que também vai analisar essas notícias.?

Luís Pereira disse...

Acho muito engraçado é que, vendo o seu mundo do "bota abaixismo" ameaçado por esta notícia, a quantidade de comentários a descredibilizar, insinuar ou acusar o autor da notícia de fazer uma farsa...

Incrível o nível destas pessoas...até onde chegam por um ódio cego!

ze maria disse...

Seria interessante enviar esta noticia à Manuela, a outra. Poderia ser que inchasse de raiva...(O que sempre seria uma poupança no botox)